YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST - Protocol of measures for the reopening of the Aparthotel Puerto Azul 07/01/2020

Now more than ever, our highest priority is to guarantee the health and well-being of our employees and guests, as well as always offering an attractive price-quality on the beachfront in Marbella. Therefore, we have implemented a protocol of security and hygiene measures following the protocol drawn up by the Institute of Technological Quality (ICTE) and the Ministry of Health, in order to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in our facilities:


Reception staff will be protected by personal protective equipment .

Check in online

We have implemented an online check-in application to reduce the physical manipulation of documents between Clients and our reception staff to the minimum.

  • When your reservation is confirmed, an email will be sent to the Client inviting them to check in online .
  • We will send you information regarding the process to follow. If you have any questions you can call +34 952 765 681, we will be happy to attend you.
  • Upon arrival, all you have to do is identify yourself in to access your Apartment card.


  • We will have a disinfecting mat at the entrance, which you must pass to access the Aparthotel.
  • There will be an entrance and exit itinerary of the establishment to avoid the proximity of our Clients, as well as horizontal signage to maintain the safety distance. There is hydro-alcoholic gel at the reception desk and in all the common areas available to our clients and all objects and surfaces in the common areas will be cleaned and disinfected . Also, the work stations will be disinfected after each day.


  • The maintenance of the safety distance will be controlled by clearly visible horizontal signs . A  glass separation is installed at the Reception counter.
  • In the elevators , the maximum occupancy will be limited to people from the same family unit, unless they all wear masks.
  • It will be mandatory to always disinfect your hands, before and after using the elevator.
  • In case of risk prevention, the temperature can be taken to the Clients , always with their permission. To those who present symptoms the specific sanitary protocol will be applied.



  • In addition to cleaning, there will be a complete disinfection of the Apartment between Clients.
  • To guarantee the quality of the cleaning service, the "DO NOT DISTURB" service will only be active until 1:00 p.m.
  • All the remote controls of the Apartments will be heat sealed and will undergo a constant disinfection process .
  • The apartment will be ventilated daily and the cleaning carts will be cleaned and disinfected.


  • Cleaning and disinfection personnel will be protected by personal protective equipment .
  • The cleaning and disinfection of the Apartments will be done without the presence of Clients.
  • To avoid manipulation of documents, the directory within the Apartments will be removed.
  • Bins with non manual opening will be available in all the Apartments.This will be replaced by a QR code, available to our customers.
  • The amenities are reduced and hydroalcoholic gel sachets are included in our Apartments.
  • As prevention against possible cases, we will proceed according to the health protocol .


  • In the Restaurant a suggested itinerary is established to avoid crowds and contact between clients. For this, customers must wait to be attended by our staff before taking a seat.
  • A hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser is available at the entrance where hand disinfection will be mandatory.
  • Assisted breakfast buffets will be offered , these buffets will be assisted by our staff who will escort customers to their table where breakfast will be served. Individual table reservations will be made and shifts will be arranged if necessary.
  • The tables will be covered by single-use tablecloths and the cutlery will be table mounted. Posters will be displayed informing the Client of the hygiene and disinfection guidelines so that they respect them.
  • The services will be carried out already at the table and the payment by credit card and charge to the Apartment will be encouraged to avoid handling cash.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of workstations at each shift change and disinfection of the dataphone after each use.
  • Maintenance of the safety distance between table and table .
  • The Menu of our Restaurant will be presented to the Client on single-use paper . We will also have our gastronomic offer through a QR code visible on each table.
  • Likewise, blackboards and lecterns will be installed in the restaurant to inform about our menu dishes.


  • Our staff will take care to use individual protection measures at all times such as the use of masks and gloves .
  • The frequency of cleaning and disinfection tasks in the Pool areas is reinforced .
  • The Hammocks will be distanced and disinfected before and after each use.
  • Our staff will monitor at all times that the permitted capacity is met and that the safety distance is respected , both in the Pool and between the Hammocks.