Blog - 23 November 2018

Why do our clients choose an Aparthotel ?

An Aparthotel is a complex of furnished apartments that also provides traditional hotel services. It is very similar to a private renting of a furnished apartment, but without a binding rental contract and with the advantage of having hotel services. But what are the reasons why our customers choose us instead of choosing a hotel or an AirBnB-type rental?

The easiest way to distinguish between the reasons, we think is by grouping our type of clients by the length of stay, which can vary from a single night to several months:

The Explorers

They are passing through travelers, and usually stay a few days with us and plan their trip on the fly following a route through Andalusia and Spain. They book us typically last minute on for one night. Many times they extend the stay depending on the weather and their satisfaction with the destination. Our 24-hour reception offers flexibility when making a last-minute reservation when compared to a booking  an AirBnB accommodation. They choose us for our good valuation in, by price and location . For them the fact of having an equipped kitchen is not usually the main reason. Travelers who have the possibility to visit our website with their mobile phone before booking, will discover the 'mobile' rates that give an advantageous price if we compare them with the rates of the online agencies!

The Beachgoers

Our summer clients plan their stay well in advance to spend a good summer vacation, enjoying our sun and our beach next to the Aparthotel. The duration is usually one week or more. They value and take advantage of the fact that their apartment is apt for daily living with an kitchen equipped with a fridge and freezer, a coffee machine, a toaster, etc. to make a good breakfast or prepare a snack. We also have toiletries. Many repeating customers like to feel like "at home", but at the same time want to have the comforts of a hotel. They know how to take advantage of the non-refundable offer with a 10% discount on our website and get a more interesting price when booking in advance.

The Winter Guests

Our winter clients plan their stay also in advance looking for the privileged climate of Marbella with its mild temperatures. The duration is the longest, up to months, and we reserve the offer "Long stay" with a 20% discount on our website. They look for the mix offered by an aparthotel between the privacy of a private apartment and the cleaning services of a hotel. Also the space offered by a Studio or Apartment compared to a standard room is something that is taken into account.

The Business Clients

We also have business clients because of our proximity to the business area of ​​Marbella Centre, the Palace of Fairs and Congresses of Marbella, and local events. They value our free wifi, fast check-in , and the excellent Buffet Breakfast or Express Breakfast in our restaurant Sirocco.

The Groups

groups reserve us especially for the price. It is true that an aparthotel is usually more expensive than a hotel of similar standard category, but due to the possibility of booking triples (three adults) and even cuadruples on our website (two adults and two children), the savings can be in the lower number of rooms.

The Escapists

A large part of our clients come to live experiences in Marbella and enjoy its gastronomy, the fiesta, golf, the promenade, shopping, ... They reserve us for the freedom offered by an aparthotel on a room-only basis, especially notable at breakfast time, lunch and dinner. No obligation to respect a meal schedule to be able to enjoy this excursion or whatever comes up!

The apart hotels tend to go hand in hand with excellent value for money, and our case is no exception. In our price-quality score is 8.3, and on the meta-opinion site Trustyou we have aa general rating of 4.4 / 5. Our quality price granted by the traveler community of Tripadvisor has taken us to position 13 of 70 hotels. Come and discover Marbella and book on our website with the best price!