Diving Experience

Diving Experience

Diving in Marbella

Discover the Mediterranean seabed, wrecks and many surprising species.

Did you know that you can enjoy incredible Marbella's sea bottom?

We recommend diving centre "Bucear en Marbella"at a 2 minutes walk from Puerto Azul in Puerto Deportivo de Marbella. Offer dives, baptisms, snorkelling, introductory courses and PADI courses with the best customer care.

You can also combine a stay in Puerto Azul with a course of Dive Marbella:

Bucea en Marbella

Puerto Deportivo de Marbella, local 22, 29601 Marbella (Málaga)

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Usual dive sites:

  The Galleon

The story goes that in the eighteenth century French galleon it was on fire and abandoned by its crew while being pursued by British pirates (Royal Navy). Circumstantial evidence indicates that the ship was carrying a cargo of copper for the uniforms of any military unit. Although it has already been dived thousand times the area is still full of buttons, buckles and more souvenirs (look but do not touch!).Being a shallow space, on a clear day the light is fantastic and can appreciate the freighter entire length (about 40 meters). Some of the beams are huge and incredibly well preserved, even the masts lie where they fell at the time.

  La Torre

The wall of this tower, oval, down to a maximum depth of 12.5 meters and also on site also lies a wreck: a small freighter and a huge crane arm, which was used in their day to move minerals from the platform to the ship's hold. The tower itself is composed of large stone blocks together by cement. Of course, over the years many of these blocks have broken off and the remaining gaps have become luxury homes for Moray and conger eels. Excellent dive site for training dives or reminder.

  The vaults

Basically, The Vaults is an underground mountain that rises from the deeper water on its south side, up to 18 meters below the superficie.Como is 5 km from the coast, the waters tend not to be affected by the mouths of rivers and visibility is often 20 meters or more. Often there are strong currents in this area, allowing excellent Caribbean (drift dive). As in any mountain, its soft sloping sides are full of canyons, rock formations and caves. This geological scenario, surprisingly, is not affected by erosion and provides a background for the different species that inhabit the ocean habitat. With frequent visits the type of pelagic, you'll be lucky to see Moon Fish, Tuna, Dolphin, Fish and Turtles Sword and usual area: Octopus, Cuttlefish, Brunettes, conger eels, groupers, sea bass and many more. Also found at depths of 30 meters or more a single type of Starfish called Astrospartus mediterraneus and nudibranchs, sponges, corals and many other invertebrates.

Depths: 17-32 meters.

Required: Minimum certification, PADI Advanced Open Water (or equivalent), CMAS 2 *. 28-31 Nitrox recommended.


Essentially it is a place of multi-level dive. The top, all of it covered in seaweed and small rocks, suddenly falls 2-4 meters and looking back you find a whole lineup of mini caves. These caves are lined up again on a smaller NE / SW The orientation measure only a few centimeters high, while the highest reaches 2 meters, with 3 deep. Each of these Cuevecillas is home to something. Usually we see free swimming Moray and sea bass. A great place for night dives. It is helpful to bring light to look into the holes.

Depths: 12-16 meters

Required: Minimum certification, PADI Open Water, CMAS 1 *. 36-40 Air Nitrox or recommended.


Another curious and well known dive site. The background here is composed sized rocks containers stacked on each other. Lie in a NE / SW orientation and a size of about 160 x 80 m. Various dives are needed to really get to know this place. With the shallow end to 26 meters, this dive is only for experienced divers. The currents here can be quite aggressive. The landscape is perfect for taking pictures or videotape, there is life everywhere! You must wear a red or good light filter as in the deepest points are the most varied colors. Being so close to the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic water passage is very likely to see species not found anywhere else in the Mediterranean.

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