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Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Marbella

Puerto Azul Marbella is a 10-minute walk from Marbella's Congress, Fairs, and Exhibitions Centre.

There are two paid public parking lots within a few minutes' walk.

View Marbella Congress, Fairs and Exhibitions Centre in Google Maps.

Marbella 4 Days Walking

The Marbella 4 Days Walking takes place around the second week of October. Participants can choose between routes 20 or 30 kilometers. There is also the possibility of participating individual days.

  • Location: Marbella
  • Date: 4 days in October
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Starlite Festival

The renowned Starlite Festival is celebrated during summer in Marbella's quarry, a natural amphitheatre surrounded by nature in which people can enjoy the best offer under the stars during a whole month.

  • Location: Auditorio Marbella
  • Date: July – August
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