Blog - 10 Mayo 2020

Hiking Route - Los Monjes to Fuente Calaña

We can already hike during the established hours of the lockdown, and the mountains are more beautiful than ever after a few rainy months. The route starts from the Hermitage of the Monks. The difficulty is low although there are some stretches along a river of stones where firm and prepared footwear is necessary . The route is linear with a length of 1.4 km (one way) from the monks to Fuente Calaña and an estimated time of 1 hour (one way). The best of the route, the impressive view of the southern slope of the Salto del Lobo, El Lastonar and the Brush of the Juniper from the Arroyo de Calaña.

How to get there

To get to the Ermita starting point from Aparthotel Puerto Azul we can follow the signs for the Senda de los Monjes route . This first section lasts approximately an hour and a half.


Route Description

We start the route going down to the bed of the Guadalpín stream (also called Calaña) and turn left. After a few meters we find a pole and follow the arrow towards " Calaña ".

The path crosses a more closed area of ​​the stream, going up the side of a hill until reaching another intersection:

We continue towards " Calaña " and go down to the stream bed passing a section with large stone blocks. We must be very careful, many stones are loose and can make us fall.

Entering the Sierra Blanca we can enjoy better and better views on the south side of the Salto de Lobo and the Pico de Lanjonar (1275m), the highest in the Sierra Blanca:

We move away from the stream again until we reach another intersection that gives us the option of going up to Puerto de las Pitas, a new path opened by the Mujeres de la Vereda. Nevertheless, we continue towards " Calaña ".


We follow the path, returning to the bed formed by a river of small stones until the next intersection where we again follow the " Calaña " direction :

We are almost there: we follow the Arroyo Carihuelas for about 150 meters until an arrow " Fuente Calaña " directs us to the left to reach the Source:

The spring or catchment point is located about ten meters away from the source:

Historical interest

The fountain consists of a single pillar several meters long. This watering machine is a hidden witness that the cattle ranch was an important part of the Sierra Blanca. (1), (2)

The word Calaña could have its origin in the root kar- which means stone and the suffix -aña that means river, being its meaning "Río de Piedras". (3)

(2)Guía de Senderos de Sierra Blanca y Canucha