Blog - 6 august 2019

The Old Town of Marbella, essential routes from Puerto Azul (3rd Part)

Continuing eastward through General Chinchilla Street, we are surprised at the top of the Castle of Marbella, the most important vestige of the Muslim civilization that is conserved in the center of Marbella, which we can access by stairs. It is curious to observe how capitals of ancient Roman constructions were embedded in its construction. Its walls (of the eleventh and twelfth centuries), were marked with ten towers and deserve a visit to evoke the Arab era of this city.

From the Castle you can see the Church of the Incarnation (Iglesia de la Encarnación) to the south. It is one of the most loved temples by the neighbors of Marbella, probably built on the main mosque of Marbella and that stands out for its large size, which produces a feeling of grandeur and especially for the height of its ships and its central dome, which makes it easier to imagine the effort that its builders had to make during the seventeenth century for its realization.

The structure of the building is of a basilica plan, with three ships, a central one and two lateral ones. The main one extends under half-barrel vault with lunettes. The set has numerous altars and chapels and houses inside the Organ of the Sun Major, 1975, considered the most important built in Spain in the last century. Since 1972 Michael Reckling is the curator of the instrument, as well as the organizer of all the concerts around such a magnificent work.

Leaving the Church through its Puerta del Sol (Door of the Sun), or main door, in Rococo style and carved in ocher stone, we go down the street to the San Juan de Dios Chapel . Currently known as the "Hospitalillo", built by order of the Catholic Monarchs, to provide shelter to outsiders, so it held the title of "Hospital Real de la Misericordia".

Inside the Chapel we see a coffered ceiling that has remained hidden until the middle of this century. It has a single nave covered by a three-piece wooden armor, with symbols that could be added after the construction of the Hospital.

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