Blog - 27 April 27 2020

Safety tips for Hiking

Rural and nature tourism will be the first to recover after confinement. From Puerto Azul we want to prepare a small guide for safe hiking in this natural paradise that we have in Marbella: our Sierra Blanca with La Concha peak and La Sierra Canucha.

Vista desde La View from La Cruz de Juanar - a popular route in the Sierra BlancaCruz de Juanar – una ruta popular en la Sierra Blanca

It is necessary to prepare the excursion. Start with easy routes within your means without overestimating your strength. The collaborative Spanish website with millions of routes and users is undoubtedly a very good information source information.

Calculate the schedule and daylight hours. Start at a reasonable time, especially if it is a new route. Check the weather forecast. Don't hike with a forecast of high temperatures and clear skies. Temperatures could be too high.

The routes on the southern face of the Sierra Blanca have steep slopes, so you must be well equipped: Specific hiking shoes are essential, comfortable clothing, a backpack with water, at least one liter per person and energy food if we are going to spend several hours (fruit, chocolate, bars), a phone with GPS, a cap and sunscreen, walking sticks, a small first-aid kit, a flashlight or headpiece, a whistle ...

It is incredible at this point, but there are still people who leave garbage on the road. The one you can generate during a route, take it with you and throw it away afterwards.

Don't leave the trail, or look for shortcuts. The paid version of the Wikiloc app alerts you when you get off the track.

Never go alone. Do not separate from colleagues or leave anyone alone. Maintain at least eye contact. Have fun, but be careful, looking out for your safety and that of your colleagues. Be supportive.

Before leaving, always inform a friend or family member of the place you are going to.

In case of traveling on the road, walk on the left side and in line.